Saturday, March 17, 2012

Instagram Photos (15.02-17.03)

Instagram captions, top left to right:
1)  Our new Lily Girl
2)  Will is warming up to "bebe"
3)  Homework time and Will does not like to be left out.  He has been in heaven this week with Anthony home!
4)  This girl has stolen my heart.  I have loved the "bubble" we've lived in the last 10 days
5)  All my ducks on a lazy sat am
6)  How Lily sleeps in my bed v her bed
7)  My girls
8)  We did it!  First morning routine and school run with all 5 and just me (and we weren't even late)!  We will miss you Grandma Marlene!
9)  Lily-smiles; 4 weeks old

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