Monday, September 21, 2009

And We're Back!

Well, it has taken us a full, crazy 7 weeks to adjust to our new house, home and country, but here we are! The kids are finally back to their fun selves (with just the occasional 4 year old/2 year old meltdowns), finally loving school and primary, friends and neighbors. Anthony's got his commute mastered (see collage #3) and Ashley's nesting hit it's maximum limit.

The movers are finally here! (August 10th)

Some purchases were more important than unpacking: a "tramperleen" and a grill

A new addition to our family, making Anthony's commute much easier and Saturday rides that are better than Disneyland.

Backyard camping: Anthony was so happy to see his gear again, and the kids LOVED it!

Coldplay at Wembley: A nice last minute surprise, since baby #4 has yet to arrive.

PS...Ashley is still pregnant, now in her 40th week (the longest she's ever been pregnant before). We're hoping for a baby any day now!