Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Break

We had summer-like weather for our two-week Easter Break this year, and we (along with the rest of England) were happy to trade the clouds for the sun and go outside!!

Discovery Centre

Backyard fun
(Brooke had a hard time deciding between staying warm and playing in the water.  The compromise:  swimsuit over her clothes) 

Marsh Farms
(The kids loved coming back this year!) 

Easter eve:  Dying eggs and backyard camping with Daddy 

We were really spoiled this year with 3 Easter Egg Hunts:  first: our friends Sarah & Simon's garden on Saturday, second: finding the Easter Bunny's basket of goodies on Sunday, and third: our Ward's Primary egg hunt on Easter Monday.
For the first year Andrew enjoyed finding all eggs (not just non-chocolate ones), then trading for the non-chocolate ones.  And also, for the first year, Will enjoyed chocolate! 

Easter Sunday
(Having a "blossom-fight" after church) 

Scooter rides, bubbles, blowies, and one of the hundreds of rapeseed fields back for Spring  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Serfaus, Austria

Anthony took Andrew and Brooke to Austria for a weekend ski trip:

Colchester Zoo

While Anthony skied with Andrew and Brooke, Ashley enjoyed a day out with 2 moms and 5 boys.  Thanks, Katie...we loved it! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boys Update

Andrew now wears glasses (mainly for school).  He picked out his cool blue frames all by himself and loves how they make "everything bigger!"

Matthew caught his pinkie finger in the door hinge on April Fools Day.  He broke the tip of his finger and almost completely severed the tip at the bed of the nail.  1 ambulance ride, 7 hours in the ER, 10 hours in the Children's ward,  1 X-Ray, general anesthetics, a good finger sewing and 13 doctors later...he now wears this nice boxing glove for 6 weeks.   

Will is officially 18 months.  He hates nursery and won't go anywhere without his pacifier or little blanket (deet-deet).  He plays the harmonica like a pro and loves to jump on the trampoline.