Friday, October 31, 2008

This is Halloween, This is Halloween

Brooke wanted to be a clown, which totally threw me for a loop since she is a princess every other day of the year. Andrew wanted a real knight's helmet that moved up and down (I did my best with cereal boxes and tin foil) and Matthew made a fearsome pirate. Since there is no Halloween in Switzerland, we did our best with homemade costumes and trick or treating at Daddy's office. We even scored some granola bars from the neighbors upstairs.

The kids loved carving pumpkins this year. My favorite lines were, "There are gunk everywhere," and "Hello, gunk. How was your day?" And Brooke made sure Daddy made her pumpkin not cool, but scary.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1st Snow!

It started late Wednesday evening and continued all night leaving perfect white fluffy snow for play all day Thursday. We had too much fun on Thursday to take any pictures (snowmen, snowballs, snow angels and sledding), but I made sure to get these first pics on Wednesday night of the kids munching the first falls. When I asked them what it tasted like Brooke quickly answered, "strawberries!" Here is to strawberry snow in October!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Trip

Brooke and Andrew have mentioned Disneyland almost every single day since our trip last May, so we thought there would be no better place to celebrate their birthday. Two complete days in the park, good weather, no crowds, no lines. We rode any ride they wanted (and were tall enough to qualify for), as many times as they wanted, and saw almost every character with ease. It was a perfect time to visit the happiest place on Earth.

Day 1

the parade

the rides

the exhaustion

Day 2

See ya real soon Mickey!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Since all they really wanted for their birthday was to go to Disneyland, we waited to celebrate until the day before we left for Paris. Andrew got his "dangerous Buzz Lightyear," and Brooke wanted a "yellow dress just like Belle." Throw in a karaoke microphone, lots of new books and cupcakes and we've got two happy three year-olds!
(side note: Brooke's friend Emma gave her her first Barbie doll. Is it so embarrassing to admit that I got emotional? I mean, it's her first Barbie!)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Uncle Kael & Aunt Heather

Krienseregg on Mt. Pilatus (Near Luzern)


Trummelbach Falls

It was so much fun to have Kael and Heather visit us. We came to the sad realization that we don't spend enough time with family: Andrew just couldn't get his brain around the concept of Uncle/Aunt. He kept referring to them as "mine cousins" "Daddy's sisters" and at one time even asked where his "sons" were. Titles mean nothing, however, and these two very quickly won over our three.