Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our news

Four kids under four coming this September 25th.
Brooke wants a sister, because she already has brothers. Andrew is convinced it is boy and his name will be Anakin Skywalker. Matthew points to his belly button and says, "baby!"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ski School

Lesson 1: Starting small in our house: "French fries: Fast. Pizza: Slow. Ice cream cone: Crash."

Lesson 2: Graduating to a hill near our house: "Can you take the skies off so I can eat snow?"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

God Bless America!

Here is the marathon post of our marathon trip to the States. We were there almost a full six weeks and were able to do everything we had wanted: Christmas, family, cousins, friends, shopping, eating (Chipotle x6) and relaxing. With all the amazing trips we take through Europe, this was our first actual vacation since moving, and it was perfect! Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who made such an effort to be with us over our visit. We love and miss you all!

Christmas in St George with Grandma & Grandpa

Christmas in Provo with Anthony's family. The kids opened so many presents over different days that they got to the point where they would ask "Is it Christmas again today?" Cousins (an entirely new concept to them) became the greatest thing.

Uncle Aaron scores big with a Barbie. Notice the joy when Brooke opens it... and the fear when cousin Kai tries to take it away.

Staying at Chateau de Bangerter (my sister's house) and playing lots of Rock Band. She is the oldest Woodbury child and I am the youngest, but we couldn't be any closer. And neither could our kids (more cousins!).

Swiss reunion

Unfortunately, this is the only photo documentation I have of our Kellogg Reunion. Fortunately, it is a priceless video.

Back to sunny St. George. But where's the sun? It's not supposed to be freezing here.

The daily joy of being at Grandma and Grandpa's house. All three kids were so content here, there was no adjustment at all...they just settled right into their new diggs and were so happy.

The St. George temple. They would point it out every time we were in the car, so we thought a visit was only fitting. Brooke loved looking at all the white princesses (three brides in the hour+ visit we had there), Andrew learned a tough new word: Resurrection. Matthew just ran around the whole place shouting "Jesus, Jesus" in his happiest voice.

Hiking in the red rocks. These kids were amazing climbers, I was really impressed.

A little more St. George and a little Las Vegas. On the tail end of our trip, we stayed at my brother's house in Las Vegas. Andrew and Brooke share cousin Tanner's love for most things Disney (notice Buzz & Woody). Fancy cupcakes, Wall-E, Hoover Dam and feeding some incredibly hungry fish wrapped up our perfect trip.