Saturday, March 17, 2012

Instagram Photos (03.03-20.03)

Instagram captions (top left to right):
1)  My buddy this week with a quiet house.  Captured here with his most prized possessions:  paci, deet-deet, baby, Buzz and his bag full of Cars cars.
2)  Love my skier-man's goggle tan that comes out this time of year!  Last week Switzerland, this week Austria!
3)  Girlfriends
4)  Friday is the last day to buy these adorable hair clips!  50p each (adorable girls NOT included)
5)  The amazing Chancellor Park school run moms
6)  Even the man of steel has a soft side
7)  My bear, telling me about his day
8)  Lily is a huge hit on the school run
9)  Love these adorable girls and their moms!

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