Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iPhone Photos

I love that I can capture more of the everyday with my new phone:
Commentary, from left to right:
Matthew pushing Brooke on the swing on a Saturday park trip/bike ride (always a gentleman); all my clean ducks in a row; Brooke dolled up at church (with sock curls) writing very important messages on the chalkboard; Will's Christmas cracker crown; Andrew's daily climb on the school run; the boys; Will's best mate Jake ("Yakie") coming to play; our favorite tree from the Fall season (contained every color, passed on the school run); playing at the mall; the Fall spiderwebs on Chancellor Ave; Andrew climbing again (the trees and the fences are constants but he seems to try anything these days); funny faces; "Cheeeese"; hand and face impressions (still at the mall); one of Will's constant phrases: "Missy, wanna pay?"; my Thursday Crafternoon-ing friends (love these girls!).

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